Episode 2: All The Right Moves

Rachele's first Tarot Card reading (she pulled page of cups, two of cups, page of coins, and six of coins)

Catie's Tarot Deck

Interpretation - are we seeing only what we want to see, and disregarding the rest?

Photos and logo by Chris Capozzi

Intuition - what is below the conscious parts of our existence? 

Science - not trying to prove themselves right.  Experiments are trying to prove that nothing happens.  

Is there one right answer?  

Placebo Effect - watch rachele's fave vid here

#teamtiny is a soul contract (if you are thinking...."what the hell is a soul contract," click here

Our logo based off of sacred geometry - vesica piscis 

free fallin' remix - tom petty

gypsy - fleetwood mac

Spirit of the Witch - raven grimassi

root + nourish + grow in sonoma, california at the beautiful lotus feed farm

strong process - save the date this november!

title inspiration: all the right moves - onerepublic

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